What I've been up to

I lead software development teams in the cybersecurity industry and still enjoy getting hands-on with code in the open source world. As a leader I empower team members through mentoring and mission command: communicating intent, offering guidance, and providing resources, then trusting execution to my team.

In roles as a business leader, developer, and programming mentor, I’ve accumulated expertise in all aspects of building and shipping technology products. I’m comfortable advising senior leaders on security and software best practices. I enjoy brainstorming a product road map with project managers, architects, and designers. I’m also happy to do a technical deep-dive with other developers to debug an elusive multithreading issue – as long as there’s coffee. I love to work remotely with highly-collaborative teams composed of people with complimentary skills.

I am a co-author and core maintainer for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Web Security Testing Guide, widely considered to be the foremost open source resource for web application security testing. I enjoy sharing my technical experience in articles for multiple publications across the web.

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Full time, 2020 — present

As Director of Engineering I lead the development team to build beautiful enterprise cybersecurity software. We’re helping security teams bring cybersecurity awareness training and education to their workforce at scale.

  • Implemented a prioritized agile workflow resulting in increased productivity and the focused creation of new product features
  • Specified technical improvements that resulted in a 4.5 times speedup in serverless application performance
  • Led software development of flagship product in an organization serving a US Government customer
  • Developed and implemented strategy for a fully-serverless infrastructure that greatly improved application performance while meeting compliance requirements for FedRAMP
  • Executed planned serverless cloud infrastructure strategy in full using multiple infrastructure components and distributed computing techniques
  • Led the engineering team to create a high-velocity software development workflow, resulting in a major increase in our team’s productive output and new product features
  • Identified product design goals, organizational priorities, hiring requirements, and advised senior leadership in strategic roadmap decisions
  • Created a streamlined onboarding process and tripled the size of the development team through collaborative knowledge sharing and cultural improvements for a remote-first company

Contract, 2016 — present

Through end-to-end design and development of full-stack software solutions, I help turn ideas into products, including:

  • ApplyByAPI.com, a SaaS application that improves the technical hiring process by filtering candidates at the top of the funnel and reducing human hours spent on screening.
  • Modern e-commerce solutions for legacy industries, such as for large-scale commercial building construction materials.
  • Product design and product management for applications such as an audio virtual reality SaaS application.

2019 — present

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) is the foremost open source resource for organizations and developers worldwide for testing web application security. I build and establish modern CI/CD and automation practices, serve as editor for submissions from contributors, and help ensure the WSTG community is an encouraging environment for everyone.

2017 — present

I earned the annual Top Contributor Award three years in a row from 2018-2020 from freeCodeCamp, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps millions of people worldwide learn how to code. In 2017, I served as organizer for the inaugural freeCodeConference in Toronto. Since 2017, I provide mentorship, code review, and career guidance to self-driven students worldwide.

2012 — 2015

I drove digital transformation to bring artisan products from a developing country to a streamlined, high-end e-commerce experience. Successes included:

  • Product repositioning.
  • Creating e-commerce platform solutions.
  • Graphic design and web development.
  • Planning and execution of long-term digital strategy.
  • Overhauling legacy offline inventory management to a modern software solution.
  • Establishing SOPs, directing daily operations, overseeing financial budgets, and advising leadership.
  • Management of HR and recruiting activities to appoint and train team leads.