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Introducing The Tech Leader Docs

A new resource for software development leaders by Victoria Drake.


I’m launching a brand new paid newsletter on Substack focused on building, growing, and leading your technology teams to success. It’s a short, no-time-wasted bi-weekly newsletter that will give you immediately applicable skills and strategies you can take to work that day.

Here are a few things past colleagues have said about my work in software engineering leadership:

"…the level of organization and process we had was amazing and I personally want to duplicate as much of it as possible!"

"…remember how excited I was in my interview with you Victoria about how well-organized [your previous company] was and how well-thought-out your processes were? I dare say 99.99% of startups, and many larger companies aren’t very organized and it becomes a pain point as they grow. Between the docs and the other processes you had in place, I think you could write a really good book that would be a ‘Blueprint’ for forming a technical team."

"@Victoria Drake you publish a book and I will buy at least a dozen copies to hand out."

Instead of waiting to collect all this information in book form, the first post goes out the first week of January. Here’s a preview of some of the skills you’ll learn in future editions:

  • How to set up remote and asynchronous work to be super-efficient
  • How to remove the right restrictions to make your processes more productive
  • Setting up safeguards to ensure progress doesn’t slow down when you take time off
  • Hiring for the culture you want
  • Creating the number one secret weapon that makes everyone on your team more productive

These insights are for senior engineers and engineering managers, as well as anyone who wants to start establishing yourself as a leader on your team right away.

You can subscribe monthly, or lock in an early-bird New Year Special subscription for 30% off before Jan 1.

My website isn’t going anywhere, I’ve just decided to put more effort into this new resource. The paid newsletter format strikes a good balance between the immediate delivery of information, skin-in-the-game for you to implement these ideas, and motivation for me to keep sharing how I acquired the skills and knowledge that live in my head, just as I’ve done for years on my blog.

I’ve held all kinds of roles on engineering teams, from contract developer to Director of Engineering. Over the years I’ve heard from past colleagues and peers about confusing processes, time-wasting meetings, and poor leadership in companies of all sizes. With The Tech Leader Docs, I hope to help those in positions to create positive change in their organization (including you!) to turn that feedback around.

Subscribe today and lock in 30% off. You’ll start 2022 with the practical skills it takes to build a successful engineering team: smarter strategies, less toil, and happier and more productive developers.