Victoria's bookshelf

Books that have measurably contributed to my skill stack are shared here.

Required reading for technology leaders

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Jocko Willink, Leif Babin

Foundational mindset and principles of leadership. How taking ownership of your work, project, and yourself helps to make you a better leader.

The Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans, Actions and Results

Stephen Bungay

To understand how empowering your team to make decisions without you provides a significant competitive edge. An extremely worthwhile leadership curriculum. I'd get the hardcover.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman

To help gain a foundational understanding of how people think and react. Largely considered transformative in the field of cognitive psychology.

Non-coding books for coders

A lot of non-technical knowledge gems can contribute to your programming skills! Here are the most helpful ones I’ve read myself.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

To understand how to use your embedded superpowers to trick yourself into getting good at anything, including coding.

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen

How to responsibly review other people's work, and how to gratefully receive reviews of your own work.

The War of Art

Steven Pressfield

A guide to building systems that overcome inner resistance and support creative work, like programming.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Angela Duckworth

To understand that struggling is an important part of the process, and the how to cultivate a mindset for dealing with it productively.