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Hello! I’m Victoria Drake.

I’m a software developer. Here’s more about me. Here’s my email.

Here are some things I write about.

A deep interest in 🔒 cybersecurity. I try to spread awareness by writing articles like How users and applications stay safe on the Internet: it's proxy servers all the way down. The one before that, Hackers are Googling your plain text passwords: preventing sensitive data exposure, isn't bad either.

Tips and perspectives on 💻 coding. I'm really into open source, and sharing knowledge in general. I most recently wrote Git commit practices your future self will thank you for. Previously, it was An automatic interactive pre-commit checklist, in the style of infomercials. I don't play favourites, but you might.

My poorly-concealed affection for 🐧 linux. I recently explored How to set up OpenVPN on AWS EC2 and fix DNS leaks on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS . Six out of ten penguins say it's pretty all right.