Victoria uses...

A perusal of things that work well for me.

  • 💻 ThinkPad Carbon X1. Excellent form factor, keyboard and Track Point ergonomics, and of course I put Linux on it.
  • ⌨️ ErgodoxEZ. The best investment any professional keyboard-basher could make, hands-down. Pun intended.
  • 💻 iPad Air, 4th Generation. Great for writing on the road, and quick updates to my Git repositories. I use this and Apple Pencil to draw.
  • 📱 iPhone 12 Pro, which is also my main camera since I always have it handy.
  • 🎧 SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth. This has the most convenient retractable mic for video calls that cuts out all kinds of background noise.
  • 📱 Drafts App for idea capture.
  • 📱 Bear for a pleasant writing experience on iOS.
  • 📱 Working Copy for interacting with my Git repositories on my iOS devices.
  • 📱 iA Writer for an equally pleasant writing experience that works with my local Git repositories on iOS.
  • 🖋 Sketchbook for drawing on iPad.
  • 💻 Linux (Ubuntu)
  • 💾 Visual Studio Code
  • 💾 Vim
  • ☕️
  • 🥩🥓🍳🧀🍖🍗

See 📚 my bookshelf.