About this site

Victoria.dev is wholly created and owned by me, Victoria Drake. I research, write, illustrate, design, code, and ship everything you’ll see here.

Static site generator

I use a static site generator, Hugo, to build the site, and GitHub Actions to continually deploy to GitHub Pages.

It’s all open source, so feel free to see for yourself!


The theme is a custom creation of mine built with Go Templates. It’s long ago forked from another of my open source Hugo themes, which you can find on GitHub.


I draw the all the illustrations and comics you’ll find in my articles using my iPad.


I use Lunr to implement the search feature you see on my blog page. Here’s how.

My development tools

I run a GitHub Action I wrote, link-snitch, to ensure all the links on my 143 pages are working. It uses Hydra, my multithreaded Python site-crawling link checker.

Besides creating new posts, a static site like this one is low-maintenance. Most of my development needs are met with a self-documenting Makefile.

There may or may not be secret pages and easter eggs.