About this site

Victoria.dev is wholly created and owned by me, Victoria Drake. I research, write, illustrate, design, code, and ship everything you’ll see here.

I use a static site generator, Hugo, to build the site. A GitHub action I wrote, hugo-remote, builds my site and publishes it automatically whenever there’s an update. The published site is hosted by GitHub Pages in its own open source repository.

The theme is a custom creation of mine, long ago forked from another of my open source Hugo themes, which you can find on GitHub.

I use Lunr to implement the search feature you see on my blog page.

I use another action I wrote, link-snitch, to ensure all the links on my 293 pages are working.

Besides creating new posts, a static site like this one is low-maintenance. Most of my development needs are met with a self-documenting Makefile.

You can read more about the hardware and software I use.

There may or may not be secret pages and easter eggs.